Mikro and Sam Buxton's works have been featured in:

Publications (selection): 21st Century Design (Carlton Books), Move House (Prestel), Introducing (Die Gestalten), '&Fork' (Phaidon), Digital by Design (Thames & Hudson), L'Art de la Decoupe (Edition Alternatives), Hyperlinks (The Art Institute of Chicago), Design Futures (Merrell)

Press (selection): NY Times (US), Wired (US), Metropolis (US), CNN (US), Times (UK), Tatler (UK), Time Out (UK), The Observer (UK), Independent (UK), Telegraph (UK), Design Week (UK), ID Magazine (UK), Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), Wall Steet Journal (US), OM (Russia), Elle Decor (UK), Soen (Japan), Link (Japan), Casa Brutus (Japan), A&W (Germany), Form (Germany), AD (Russia), Tech Mag (Russia), IDN (Hong Kong), Interni & Deco (Korea), Pallete (Thailand), Living Etc (Thailand), Intra (UK), Vision (Taiwan), DPI Magazine (Taipei/Taiwan), Frame (Holland), Casa (Italy), Domus Magazine (Italy)

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