The History

In 2000 when Buxton needed a business card he devised one which would reflect his creative work, a card transforming into an actual piece of his work to be kept by the recipient. The original card was first displayed at the Design Museum London after which it was put into production with three new sculptures as part of the first ‘Mikro’ series. Mikro Man Office remains Buxton’s business card, the original prototype, maquettes and drawings are the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Precision made by a specialist company in the UK from hardened 0.15mm Japanese stainless steel, that includes 70% recycled material.

Mikro Man measure just 95x35mm and unfold ingeniously into 12 different miniature scenes. Mikro Cubes create four different room ‘devices’; an intricate in-door garden, compact cooking/dining space, future bathroom and compact technological office.
Mikro The Deep captures in beautiful detail a deep-sea expedition complete with deep ocean fish, seabed skeletons and hidden toxic waste. The largest Mikro House is a complete contemporary ‘living machine’ that includes some of Buxton’s past work, design classics and a few hidden human traces. The closer you look the more you see.

The Mikro collection was created purposely as artworks of unlimited edition, crossing the boundaries between sculpture and industrial production. Accessible to all and inherently engaging. The owner of a Mikro sculpture completes the work themselves.

Museum Collections

Alongside the original business card materials the Victoria & Albert Museum collection also includes an invitation/sculpture Buxton created for a Deutsche Bank anniversary event. The Mikro City installation including many Mikro pieces is collection of the Design Museum, London. Mikro sculptures are widely exhibited in international museums and galleries. Sam Buxton's work can be found in the collections of The Art Institute of Chicago, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Cass Sculpture Foundation UK and many private collections.
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